About Persephone

Persephone Quantitative Finance Group GmbH offers high-end Advisory Services to financial services companies and cutting-edge Investment Solutions to financial intermediaries. In both areas we combine years of financial sector expertise, excellence in quantitative finance and state-of-the-art technology to build competitive advantages and deliver financial outperformance for our clients.

Advisory Services

Thought leading consulting services for the financial sector driving game-changing innovations

Our Advisory Services offer years of high-end consulting expertise in the financial markets. Our unique combination of excellent quantitativemethods, advances in AI fields and a state-of-the-art technology allows us to deliver game-changing innovations. Our clients are i.e. banks and insurance companies with an open mind for creative and one-of-a-kind strategy approaches that sustainably leverage their business potential.

Investment Solutions

Cutting-edge financial asset management for institutional investors tailored to their specific needs

As reliable partner, we offer our clients tailored and innovative Investment Solutions. For that we have transferred our excellent quantitative and technological know-how into cutting-edge analytics and dynamic investment tools. We thus jointly create a flexible and sustainable investment strategy for i.e. institutional investors or financial intermediaries – always producing stable returns.

Our Philosophy

Our unique approach to solve clients‘ business problems makes the difference

Each single engagement is exclusively tailored to our clients’ needs and objectives – Persephone doesn’t believe in standard approaches or modules

Hand in hand with our clients we develop and implement strategies to create sustainable competitive advantage

Our people make the difference – Persephone exclusively hires and works with outstanding people, each of whom is not only an authority in her area of expertise, but also brings comprehensive industry, managerial and counseling experience

Persephone’s cross-functional team yields a unique combination of skills required to effectively meet specific project objectives

Persephone’s proprietary quantitative platform robotIQ© allows rapid prototyping and testing of quantitative or AI models without additional IT efforts – and by this means accelerates projects significantly

We ensure fast time-to-market by offering productive operation of developed client specific models on our robotIQ© platform, or support clients to integrate required modules in their own technical infrastructure

Our Engagements

We combine thought-leadership, power to innovate and cutting-edge technology to solve critical business problems

Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) development and implementation

Next level retirement products

Digitalization strategies and roadmap

Robo-Advice green-field concept and implementation

Double count quantification of migration- and spread risk

Professionalized HNWI onboarding and portfolio migration

Development and operations of special purpose restricted funds

Automated asset management models

GPU parallelization of quantitative models

Regulatory validation of Vine-Copulae for operational risk management

Pairs-trading techniques and hedging strategies

Leadership Team

Management Board


Gregor Povh


Thomas Fühser

Advisory Board


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Bert Rürup


Matthias Wiegel


In Greek mythology, Persephone is the goddess of spring, fertility and queen of the underworld.

The daughter of Zeus and Demeter was captured by Hades, god of the dead, and abducted into the underworld. Upon discovering this, her mother and goddess of agriculture, in grief and despair, stopped the growth of all vegetation on earth. Zeus, unwilling to let the earth die and forced by Demeter, commanded Hades to release Persephone to her mother. After some bargaining it was agreed that she returns to the surface for eight months a year – the fertile period – and rules at Hades’ side for four months. This brought the world the seasons of the year which symbolize the cycle of life.

Transferred to finance, Persephone figuratively stands for the balance of risk and return – none of which could exist without the other. Being the queen of the underworld (Risk Management) is one side of the goddess of prosperity (capital growth/ return). In this spirit, the company Persephone offers her services in all quantitative and risk management concepts to accelerate growth and financial prosperity.