Creating Innovation

Clients seek our advice on critical and strategical business issues when standardized approaches or previous solutions are not applicable.

In open-ended and one-off engagements we develop novel and advanced solutions for client-specific problems and deliver innovations that drive the era of digitalization.

Through game-changing innovations we put our clients in the excellent position to drive industry transformation and chase the competition.

Leveraging Innovation

We support our clients to leverage innovations given their business model, competitive position and corporate culture.

Using exceptional industry knowledge, proven strategic foresight and technical expertise we adapt innovations into customized solutions that differentiate our clients from their competition.

By adopting innovations early, clients benefit from added sustainable economic value and gain recognition as drivers of digitalization in the financial sector.

Tailor-made Advisory Services support our clients to become leader in their competitive environment

Within Advisory Services we offer years of high-end consulting expertise in the financial markets. Our unique combination of excellent quantitative methods, advances in AI fields and a state-of-the-art technology allows us to deliver game-changing innovations. Banks and insurance companies with an open mind for creative and one-of-a-kind strategy approaches are our main clients for which we sustainably leverage business potential.


Quantitative models are the core of our DNA. Using business data, we perform behaviour and cluster analyses to identify business risks. Transparency is data driven and we deliver our clients a never seen transparency with hard facts as basis for their business decisions.


The financial industry is touched by a significantly rising number of regulatory topics. To include these requirements at the beginning of a project into the specification book of a new product or strategy, increases acceptance and is financially advantageous for our clients. With our regulatory expertise, we support our clients in identifying new ways to reach their business targets.


For us, digitization is not just a phrase. Persephone uses technology to increase transparency and to efficiently support our clients‘ critical business decisions based on analytically derived hard facts. State-of-the-art technology allows us to drive successful business solutions within the 21 century.


Our proprietary server platform robotIQ allows comprehensive tests and fast adaptation for a MVP before its launch within our clients‘ systems. Using our interface-friendly robotIQ periphery generates a fast approval and validation process with our clients‘ risk departments and consequently a fast time-to-market advantage.