Advisory Services

We combine financial sector expertise, excellence in quantitative and AI fields and state-of-the-art technology to deliver game-changing innovations. We offer high-end advisory services for banks and insurance companies aiming at creating innovations and leveraging their business potential.

Creating Innovation

Clients seek our advice on critical and strategical business issues when standardized approaches or previous solutions are not applicable.

In open-ended and one-off engagements we develop novel and advanced solutions for client-specific problems and deliver innovations that drive the era of digitalization

Through game-changing innovations we put our clients in the excellent position to drive industry transformation and chase the competition

Leveraging Innovation

We support our clients to leverage innovations given their business model, competitive position and corporate culture.

Using exceptional industry knowledge, proven strategic foresight and technical expertise we adapt innovations into customized solutions that differentiate our clients from their competition.

By adopting innovations early,  clients benefit from added sustainable economic value and gain recognition as drivers of digitalization in the financial sector.

Our Philosophy

Our unique approach to solve clients‘ business problems makes the difference

Each single engagement is exclusively tailored to our clients’ needs and objectives – Persephone doesn’t believe in standard approaches or modules

Hand in hand with our clients we develop and implement strategies to create sustainable competitive advantage

Our people make the difference – Persephone exclusively hires and works with outstanding people, each of whom is not only an authority in her area of expertise, but also brings comprehensive industry, managerial and counseling experience

Persephone’s cross-functional team yields a unique combination of skills required to effectively meet specific project objectives

Persephone’s proprietary quantitative platform robotIQ© allows rapid prototyping and testing of quantitative or AI models without additional IT efforts – and by this means accelerates projects significantly

We ensure fast time-to-market by offering productive operation of developed client specific models on our robotIQ© platform, or support clients to integrate required modules in their own technical infrastructure

Fields of Excellence

Persephone’s advisory services build on a distinct combination of competencies


Development of competitive digitalization strategies and organizationally aligned strategy implementation

Development and validation of quantitative models in risk and asset management, using advances in Machine Learning

Alignment with regulators and internal control functions to ensure fully compliant models, processes and insurmountable lines of defense

Rapid prototyping, model testing and technical proof-of-concepts represent important success factors for our projects - ensuring solution robustness and accelerated time-to-market

Our robotIQ© platform harbors state-of-the-art financial models, machine learning/ AI algorithms and latest (GPU) parallelization – used as a toolbox it allows prototyping and model tests minimizing internal IT efforts